Conservation of the Circle is (easily deduced as) the most basic dynamic in nature, the most important insight and thought paradigm of all time...

The foundation and destination of symbolic and physical systems is circle-line relationship mediated by pi. Man shares a circle with nature. Thus, a two-state system defines reality.

A hidden circle between any X and Y means two (not one) is the basis for reality... thus circular logic (50-50 everything) is required if you want to get to the truth (for world peace, individual peace, foundation of physics and mathematics)... the line and the circle (M-F) are the two basic elements in nature...

The symbol articulates reality (influences, directs, articulates, behavior). Oddly enough, everybody knows this (media, technology, politics, economics). Thus the 0-1 basis (on-off, Y-N, T-F)(one-two-three).

Three is  two-two's (E-W/N-S 1-2 2-3). Me-not-me, you-not-you. Two (not-one). Thus reality is dependent on a mistaken observation (X or Y is X and Y is X is Y is X).

This means there are only two constants in nature: a zero and a one, also known as zero and infinity, more realistically circle and line. Again, two (not-one).

Sexual reproduction (reproduction in general) articulates (conserves) a circle (conservation of the circle). Thus reproduction and survival share an ever-present (never-present) circle.

Thus pi is the only observer making observation possible (holding zero and one together and also keeping them apart) thus light is not moving (relativity is an oscillation between constants two and one (plus and minus one is two)). Thus light originates as the circular relationship within space (space and space). Oscillation is fluctuation is vibration is perturbation is any word number picture object (subject) you can think of.

Thus the hidden neutron in hydrogen surrounds 'everything...' (space). The hidden circle within a unit surrounds a unit (all units). 

The hidden circle with its hidden diameter is the most basic unit of space (thus space and time articulate a circle (you cannot have one without the other)). X is X (X is-not X) (2X is X).

X is always 1 (plus and-or minus one, plus is minus one). Absolute zero is perpetual motion. Thus the (w)hole in (is) space.

Thus the death wish is embedded in life (life is a defense mechanism for death and vice versa, 0-1, 1-0). This explains everything.

Pi has two values, 0,1,2,3... or 0-1,1-2,2-3,3-4,4-5 etc. an infinite number of 'values' (constants) (50-50 constant-chaos). Pi limits this in all directions to two values (independent of the symbolic representation of the value, two is the natural limit)... more thoroughly explained at See Conservation of the Circle, Conservation of (a) Constant, Conservation of Chaos.

The symbolic nature of man (life, death, everything) is thus circular (any X and Y articulate a circle, thus gravity, light, sound).

Language and mathematics are symbolic systems. Everything articulates the symbolic relationship between a zero and a one (a unit and a group).

From the circle's point of view, unit and group are X and X, joined and separated by pi. Thus, reality ensues.

All observers articulate a 50-50 choice which is the result of the observer's assumption. Thus 50% assume a linear reality and 50% assume a circular reality thus reality (by nature) is balanced. Whatever. However you symbolize it any unit is a copy, and thus he-she-it copies, another unit. Thus units reproduce units (nothing more or less). Conservation of the circle forces any unit to find a reason to be unique (one-not-two, two-not-one). Thus constant conflict. Peace. Reality.

The symbol operates as any unit (two is one, two as one) thus the correct numeric articulation for a unit is two (not-one). This provides the foundation for language and mathematics. Unit is fungible.

Temporal (time) and non-temporal (space) are joined and separated (physically and symbolically) by the dimensionless constant relationship (circle and linear, F and M) (also known as pi, nature, mind, God, intelligence, etc).

Mythological structures (rituals) (stories, movies, math) articulate beginning-middle-end, thus one-two-three (one-two-one) is beginning-end in a continually perpetual symbolic circle more accurately identified: conservation of a circle (also known as reproduction, observation, deduction, conservation of a line). A line reproduces circle (line is always diameter and circumference of a circle).

Divination systems (including mathematics and technology) revolve around a 50-50 circle, thus, randomly, everything is true.

The proof for this is simple: the line is always diameter of a circle. Any set of symbols forms eventually a line all lines reproducing thus conserving and preserving the symbolic circle.

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The skeptic always shares a circle with the stoic. Meaning...all observers are entangled thus entrapped within the 50-50 point of view.

In other words, we're all stubborn with our point of view. This is a convenient explanation for: arguments, hatred, war, and all the other things we don't 'like' about life. X must always elaborate, re-articulate, disintegrate another X's point of view.

Thus reality: we can get along, agree, 50% of the time. The know...

Strange, but true, if you want to see conservation of the circle in action, watch 'dancing with the stars...' More conventional...the weather, day and night...

Note: most theoretical physicists are now incorporating circular logic into their work by noting it was noticeable in their earlier it is noticeable in the symbolic systems of all mankind...responsible for the symbolic system called reality, space, time...this incorporating/integrating circular logic proves the Circular hypothesis (is true).

This is due to the strategic, diligent thinking and support of Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate physicist, who collaborated with Yardley to make the theory accessible to mainstream physicists for their review and integration. Josephson has his own thinking on the work.


Everything evolved from reality's relationship to and with light... more accurately articulated 'infinite line...' reproducing infinite circle (look up in the sky). Ancient people resolved (reproduced) this relationship with pictures, numbers, letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, stories (movement reproducing movement).

Eventually they noticed: you cannot resolve an argument that involves a hidden idea (symbols, shadows in a cave). Thus they came up with ways to deal with arguments (logic, rhetoric, archetypes). Also ethics.

This is because they (we) did not realize pi is the only observer (the correct name for the hidden constant called a unit). Thus they named it God, mind, idea, long after they beat it out on a drum.

However, in a more realistic observation, circular reality means a binary system can only reproduce a binary system, thus in order for everything to move, nothing underneath (overhead) is moving. Thus a constant in the background forces chaos (movement) in the foreground.

From a modern point of view then, everything is 50-50 (two units, not-one, one unit correctly named two). To observe a binary system reproducing a binary system (sending ones and zeroes back and forth even though nothing is moving) see any human addictively engaged with his 'smart' phone. They share a circular relationship. Obviously. Symbolic.

The man and his phone (nature and technology) prove (articulate and demonstrate) conservation of a circle (is the basis for reality).

You do not have to be a physicist to figure out the 'truth...' but, if you are a physicist, conservation of a circle fortifies (is the basis for, allows you to think through, articulate, thus symbolize) your work.

A note on plagiarism: is it plagiarism if you heard about the Circular Theory, incorporated into your thinking, then your work, without referencing Yardley's work? The answer  to every question is yes and no (because yes or no is not possible without yes and no). If the circular theory is the most basic explanation for reality, it is to be expected it can only survive if it is copied. An outlier introduces a new way of thinking that cannot possibly be a 'new' way of thinking if reality is circular. Thus integrating/incorporating the work without reference to Yardley-Josephson proves the circular thesis (a new symbol is symbolizing the circle, this goes on forever). Anyone can read anyone else's work, investigate their 'sources' and reword the thinking in 'their own words...' This is nothing new. It is not possible in circular reality to identify the 'original' symbol (idea). Thus expect chaos as everyone decides to 'get it..' pretending (hoping) they were (are) the first to 'get it...' articulate it properly...50-50 identify 'it' correctly...(he-she-it, they-them, you-me) (etc.)

Do you have to be an academic to investigate the work? You can answer that yourself.



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